In the 1940s, the style for males changed from trendy to being hip-hop. The preppy casual style was extremely popular among young professionals in the 80s. In the end, people gave up on the flamboyance of the ’60s and ’70s and turned to minimalism. Today, men can pull off a versatile ensemble that is appropriate for play or work. These are the styles to look out for in the coming years.

The early 2000s were when the popularity of fast fashion grew. Internationalization and outsourcing made it possible for fashion manufacturers to reproduce runway styles at a fraction of the cost. This brought the end of class-based fashion. Suddenly, anyone could buy designer clothes and accessories without spending a fortune. Around the turn of the millennium the fashion of men’s clothing was undergoing an ‘futuristic’ trend which featured puffy jackets tracksuits, leather clothing as well as Rockport boots.

man lifestyle With the ease of travel as well as a shift in attitude toward success and power dressing, men’s fashion continued to become more sophisticated. The slouchy look of sweaters, platform shoes and casual suits were very popular in the ’70s. The economy grew the men’s attire became larger and more vibrant and college attire was a trend in fashion. In the 1980s, there was a shift in fashion with casual clothing and a halt to the tie and the suit.

In the 1990s, male style was heavily influenced by young subcultures that included hip-hop rave, and grunge. It was a stark contrast to the excesses of previous years. T-shirts, shorts and jeans were the most popular clothing styles along with hoodies and designs became fashionable. In the same decade, casual and collegiate clothing was able to see a revival.

In the 1970s, males were wearing trendy three-piece suits. They included a waistcoat with a high-cut and broad lapels. In the 80s, males were wearing pointed, long blouses as well as a broad-lapeled shirt. The neckline grew longer and more pointed, and the hoodie emerged as a trend. The males began wearing extravagant accessories during the 90s and work casual outfits.

Fashion became accessible in the first decade of 2000s. Globalization and outsourcing allowed for the replication of fashion trends from the runway. The rise of fast fashion combined low and high styles which allowed consumers to save money for designer clothes and accessories. The rise of fashions that were high-end for males was marked by leather jackets and puffy jackets. It also included Rockport footwear, Rockport boots, and tracksuits.

The fashion of men changed, and as did their fashion accessories. There are now a myriad of options for accessories which include watch, wallets, footwear, and boots. The most essential accessory for guys is the watch. It doesn’t matter if it’s a diamond-encrusted watch or a plastic one Men wear watches for their clothes. A watch doesn’t just look great with an outfit, but it also reflects his character.

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