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Toy Story 2 

Toy Story 2 (1999) ทอย สตอรี่ 2

Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 Andy Davis is preparing to take a trip to the cowboy camp with his beloved toy Woody. Andy is about to go cowboy camping with Woody his most beloved toy.

Al accidentally tears Woody’s arm completely off when he’s making a photo of the Roundup group, which he is planning to sell to a museum. He then decides to get a toy cleaner to fix Woody. Woody attempts to repair his arm during the time Al was sleeping. Woody accidentally tears off his arm when he’s creating a picture of the group. Al wakes up and the TV is blocking him. Jessie then tells Woody that her mom is Emily. Emily was outgrown and she gave the girl to charity, in an old cardboard box. Jessie was abandoned and suffered from anxiety over heights. Woody learns that Andy is likely to experience the same outcome. Woody decides to stay with the Roundup group’s favor.

While they’re at it, Buzz Lightyear, Hamm and Mr. The hunt for Woody starts with Potato Head, Slinky dog and Rex. The Utility Belt Buzz Action figure of Lightyear carries Buzz in the shape of a cardboard rocket while he is separated from the rest. Buzz believes Buzz is Buzz is a rogue spaceman. The Utility Belt Buzz is mistakenly identified as Andy’s Buzz. After spotting Al’s plan they break into the apartment building via an elevator shaft. Andy’s Buzz escapes, and they pursue the group, but they also accidentally release the Evil Emperor Zurg action figure. Zurg joins the group and promises to take down Buzz.

Woody is discovered by the Utility Belt Buzz and his toys soon when Andy’s Buzz joins the group. But, Woody initially refuses the invitation to go home , as he fears that Andy will grow up faster than him in the event that his arm gets broken again. Buzz will remind Woody that the main purpose of toys is to be played with which is not something that he can see in the museum. Woody recognizes that Buzz is correct and invites the gang of roundups to join him in playing with Andy’s toys. Bullseye as well as Jessie are happy to accept the invitation but the Prospector prevents the gang from departing. Woody admits that he turned on the television to assist Woody escape and the frame was also there to protect Jessie. He also said that he’s never witnessed children playing with him, and that he believes the museum is his only reason to be alive.

Andy’s toys chase Al however, Zurg takes them down in the elevator shaft, and is able to take on Utility Belt Buzz. Buzz says he’s Buzz’s father. Rex accidentally strikes Zurg with his tail. After that, the toys go home in a suitcase carrier.

Andy returns from camp to discover Woody, Buzz and Bullseye among his toys. Andy returns from camp to find Bullseye Buzz and Woody among his toys.

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